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Meet The Team


Elizabeth (Lizzy) Draganova, Ph.D.

Role: Principal Investigator/Assistant Professor

Research interests: antivirals, capsid assembly, light scattering 

When I'm not in lab: My two children keep me entertained (moms can science, too!)

Alternate reality career: Nancy Drew

Pronouns: she/hers


Amal Panjwani

Role: Undergraduate Researcher

Research interests: herpesvirus nuclear egress, light scattering

When I'm not in lab: I like to read, watch real estate TV shows on Netflix, study, try different restaurants around Atlanta, spend time with my family, and travel.

Alternate reality career: Astronaut or accountant

Pronouns: she/hers


Neha Mohanty

Role: Research Specialist I

Research interests: herpesvirus nuclear egress, light scattering, antivirals

When I'm not in lab: I enjoy trying new restaurants and foods, going to the beach and the mountains, going to concerts, and spending time with my cat

Alternate reality career: Detective!

Pronouns: she/hers

Cameron Russell

Role: BCDB Graduate Student (1st Year)

Research interests: structural biology, viral replication, protein/protein interactions

When I'm not in lab: I enjoy hanging out with my cat Poppy, cooking Cajun foods, hiking nature trails, and trying new restaurants across Atlanta!

Alternate reality career: Zookeeper

Pronouns: he/his

Interested in joining us?

The Draganova Lab is a part of the BCDB and MMG Graduate Programs at Emory

Send an email to

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